What does a drone do in agriculture?

Agricultural inspection drones offer many opportunities for farming and agricultural
companies. But effectively using new technology always takes some getting used to! We
want to make using an agricultural inspection drone as easy as driving a tractor! Are you
ready for the future? Read all about what a drone can do in agriculture!

Good to know!

To start with, you can choose which fields to scan. You can do this through an iPad or tablet. The drone will fly the route you have chosen, and the data is processed in the cloud. This data is extremely useful. With the data you can develop a task map (this is a map that is shared with the field crop sprayer). Consequently, you can direct the field crop sprayer to spray the crops independently. You can also view the data readings on your tablet or smartphone. With this you can see which crops are struggling or diseased. You can even see diseases spreading that you may not have been able to see from the ground!

Light sensor, regardless of the weather!

The agricultural drone has a light sensor. This sensor can adapt to the amount of light. If there is shade, the sensor will adapt to the new light environment. The concept applies come rain or shine. As the light sensor adapts to the environment, the leaves of the crops
will always be visible in the readings. The weather has no influence on the accuracy of the crop scans.

Subsidy Possibilities
Farmers and agricultural companies can receive agricultural subsidies. Using these you can
allow the government to subsidize some of the costs. You can read more about the subsidy
possibilities in the next blog, coming in August!



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