Using a precision agriculture drone in your company!

Using a precision agriculture drone in your company!

Customdrone offers a variety of possibilities in the field of precision agriculture drones. With a gap in the market and the multitude of fields that are struggling to grow, we came up with the idea of introducing a precision agriculture drone to the market! But what is a precision agriculture drone and how do you use it? We are happy to tell you more about the precision agriculture drone!

Precision agriculture drone: what are the possibilities?

The precision agriculture drone named Solid X4 agri has a variety of functions. It can work in rough weather and has high landing gear, ensuring that the sensor does not get damaged during landing in high grass or mud. The precision agriculture drone also has the ability to fly completely autonomously, and after the drone has flown it is easy to upload the data to see for example where the crops are not growing. Do you want to fly with a different camera or sensor? Not a problem! You can easily swap these.

What can you do with a precision agriculture drone?

Aside from the fact that the precision agriculture drone itself has a variety of functions, you can also do a lot with the data that is scanned during the flight, such as:

  • Critical analysis of the health of plants
  • Identification of water pools
  • Diversity in soil moisture
  • Demand for fertilizer
  • Chlorophyll contents
  • Nitrogen uptake

And many more! For the full overview contact Customdrone.

Agriculture sensors that we offer

We offer three different types of agriculture sensors with different functions. A LaQuinte is ideal if you are a beginner, whereas the Redegde M is more often used by professionals, and the Maja generates even more data for extra information about your land. There’s many types of agriculture sensors, but which ones suit your needs best? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you! You can read more about the agriculture sensors we offer here!





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