Customdrone offers all-in-one total solutions for companies.

We do this because we often see that companies are stuck in their routine. We would like to help you, to take care of the worries for a fixed price.

With our years of experience in various sectors, we know exactly what needs to be done before your company can start using drones. Allowing us to help can save you many man-hours.

With our years of experience in a variety of sectors, we know exactly what needs to happen for your company to begin using drones. We help save your organization a multitude of manhours with our total solution.

All-in-one total solution

Customdrone not only looks at which drone should be built or ordered, but also at everything that comes along with it. The total solution includes:

  • The drone
  • The software
  • The training
  • The legal possibilities
  • The customization possibilities

Your goal

The ultimate goal of using a drone in your business is: profit, better results, cost reduction and safety with the current capacity.

Our goal

Customdrone helps you to achieve that by looking at the current costs of your business, and then we look at how much you could save by using a drone.

How can we get started with using drones?

Are you ready to allow drones into your company, or are you already working on drones but you want to take the “next step” within your company? Contact us so that we can discuss your options with you.

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