Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions Custom Drone

Custom Drone focuses on the behalf of his principal (hereinafter `the client`s) assembling drones as well as sale of (loose) components either through the web shop www.Customdrone.nl drones.

These conditions are to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions apply to all offers provided by Custom Drone. Contracts are only concluded under these conditions.

Establishment Agreement; Command assembly drone
The client can through the shop on the website www.Customdrone.nl compose a drone, and he Custom Drone instructs to assemble the drone composed by him within the delivery time agreed upon by the parts.

The contract between the customer and Custom Drone regard to assembling a drone there is one in the sense of Art. 7: 400 et seq of the Civil Code and is only concluded after acceptance of the assignment by Custom Drone.

Establishment Agreement; Selling parts
Regarding the sale of parts of the agreement with the customer comes into being, when the customer is in the web shop orders placed on the website / confirmed in the shop.

Delivery time is understood between the parties to the agreement stipulated period within which the performance (assembly of the drone or delivery of parts) must be performed.

The delivery is not a deadline for Custom Drone, but serves as a guide for implementation of the agreement.

When will appear during the execution of the contract that the agreed delivery is not possible or will be, Custom Drone will report this immediately to the customer, after which the parties agree on a new delivery.

Quotation by Custom Drone, in whatever form, shall always be voluntary. Custom Drone reserves the right to adjust prices in the interim. All prices quoted by Custom Drone not include VAT, unless indicated otherwise. Knowable consumer prices are expected to be issued including VAT.

In granting the order for assembly (one) drone (s), the customer will pay half of the price specified in the tender and the contract will be performed by Custom Drone. The remaining half must be paid upon delivery.

In the absence of an explicit confirmation by the customer is subject to the payment of the first half as confirmation of the order by the Customer to Custom Drone, as described above. After this payment, cancellation of the contract (to assembly) no longer possible.

Should the total amount not be paid on time, on delivery invoice or other reason for late payment, the seller may take the drone.

Regarding the sale of spare parts is that the price agreed upon conclusion of the sale contract must be fulfilled in its entirety, must prior to delivery. After receipt of payment will be provided.

Selling parts: Distance selling
When selling items via the webshop is talk of distance selling. The customer, if he is a consumer, as a result, a statutory cooling-off period (current period) seven days.

During the trial period the customer can return the purchased product, if unused and in original packaging. For completeness, it is noted that the commission contract for assembly of a drone statutory approval period for distance do not apply. In case of damage to the drone, it can not be returned unless a claim is made on recovery.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Custom Drone reserves to supply the ownership of the now delivered and in the future goods (which are understood drones and components) to the client until all current and future claims of Custom Drone on the customer fully satisfied are, with the proviso that the customer liability and risk to the carries supplied from the time when it is made available in due course.

After assembly, the assembled drones are tested by Custom Drone before being delivered. Upon delivery is said that the drone meets the requirements for its use.

If the customer believes that the drone on delivery does not meet the requirements for use, he must immediately, but not later than two days after delivery, in writing Custom Drone to make known. Failing this, the customer loses any warranty rights. The customer sets Custom Drone immediately able to repair the defect.

Delivery is the actual offer to the customer and effected by removal of the assembled drone (s) and / or the parts ordered from the registered address of Custom Drone. Delivery by sending is at all times at the customer’s expense and only after payment of the shipping costs.

The delivered goods must possess the properties, expected by the customer under the contract during normal use. Failure to comply with this expectation, the customer has the right to repair, replacement.

All products with manufacturer’s warranty will be repaired by the manufacturer Custom Drone.

Upon modification, mechanical adaptations or damage caused by any form of (external) influences also void the warranty. This also applies to the removal of type and serial number plates. Products can be offered for repair. All costs of repair are borne by the customer.

Claims can only be made valid by the customer at Custom Drone by written submission within 14 days after receipt of the goods. Complaint cases are accepted only in its original packaging.

During repairs outside the warranty to repair a warranty of seven days, unless otherwise agreed. On battery and battery No guarantee is given, unless otherwise specified.

In case of reselling by Custom Drone purchased and resold to the customer’s liability Custom Drone is limited to those rights it may have against the supplier.

Customer commitments
The customer is obliged at all times to keep the applicable laws and regulations when using the (by Custom Drone assembled) drone (s). This includes, inter alia, that in certain areas or environments or can not fly at that altitude.

The customer shall ensure that the drone is not a toy and its use should be made by experienced users. The customer is aware of the risks of use and accept them.

Custom Drone accepts no liability for the use, either by the customer, the drone assembled by him (s) and / or parts.

In a case where damage liability Custom Drone is limited to the amount which is paid by the insurer in that case.

Custom Drone can not be held liable to the customer for any damage to third parties.

Final Provisions
All agreements between Custom Drone and the client is governed by Dutch law. In case of disputes only the court Oost Brabant empowered to take note.

Version January 2014


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Explanation for use / Warranty drone
The customer, prospective user / pilot a drone should read carefully the terms and conditions and the following:

Radio-controlled models, such as drones, and all related products are not toys and should be treated with great caution!
Starting drone pilots must realize that a drone is not a toy. It is an object that flies and is controlled in accordance with the principles of a large aircraft. The only difference is, in fact, the size and weight. The force with which a drone and hold an object can be very large. If a person / animal is hit, this can have serious consequences. The necessary experience that is needed to drive a model has to be learned by an experienced pilot model. The responsibility and the entire responsibility for the purchased, assembled drone / Parts, always lies with the user (s) itself. Custom Drone can not and will never accept any responsibility for this, but it is prepared, without any obligation to take on, novice pilots to provide tips and / or referrals to experienced pilots.