Subsidy agricultural drones: what are the possibilities?

Buying a drone costs a lot of money. Alongside this there are also costs for a pilot’s license and flying licenses. However, you can get farm subsidies for an agricultural drone. This allows you to subsidize part of the costs through government funding. We’ll tell you all about it in this blog!

What does a drone do in farming?
With an agricultural drone you can easily see how your crops are doing. This can be seen
from the data collected by the drone. From this data you can also see if there are diseases
and where. From the air you can already see the diseases coming that wouldn’t have seen
from land! Read more about what a drone does in agriculture? You can find information here!

What do you need for an agricultural subsidy?
Firstly, it is important that you have a flight training. Customdrone can help you with this
process as if you do not have this, the government will not want to subsidize the drone. If
your company has a drone, it is also important to keep your paperwork in order. You can
find the costs of the paperwork at
There are two types of ROC licenses: the ROC and the ROC-light. The license you need
depends on the weight of your drone and how high or far you want to fly it. Do you have a
drone that is heavier than 4 kg? Then you need a ROC license. The ROC-light is intended for
lighter drones (up to 4 kg), which is more than enough for a drone in agriculture.

How does it work?
Farmers who want to receive income support can request this annually from the National
Government. It is important that you meet certain criteria to be eligible for the income
support. Namely that you have to do business in a sustainable and socially responsible


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