Customdrone has developed a tailor made drone, as there is a great demand for bespoke drones that weigh less than four kilos.

Customdrone compiles drone packages from their own brand and existing brands and integrates everything, including service and software. If something is not yet on the market, Customdrone has the opportunity to draw this out and then design and build it.


Customdrone is the parent company to Soliddrone. Customdrone is the system integrator and doesn’t work with a specific drone brand. Soliddrone is a company that supplies drones worldwide to retailers that sell the drones to other companies.

What has Customdrone done?

Customdrone has set up every stage from the customer enquiry to production. This shows that Customdrone can develop customized products. This is because many of our customers starting a projects with us want to keep the developer secret. We understand that, which is why we have developed an example drone, in the market with high demand.

Why the Solid X4?

Our customers are interested in a drone that can fly longer, but is robust and easy to introduce in a developing company. In the Netherlands and a number of other countries, this is possible with a drone under 4 kg.


We have set up a luxurious handle, into which we can integrate various sensors and special hardware. This is located on top of the drone. In addition, a higher landing gear can be installed, meaning that the hanging sensor beneath the drone does not get dirtied by the grass or mud.

Choice of Cameras and Sensors

Through Soliddrone, Customdrone is able to integrate a variety of sensors and cameras, allowing the range of applications of the drone to increase. This was not possible before.n Feel free to contact us for more information.

White label drone

Besides selling the Solidrone under our brand name Solid, we also offer the Soliddrone as a Whitelabel drone, so that companies can integrate their own cameras or sensors. We also offer the possibility to sell these under your own company branding.


3dr partner custom drone
solid partner custom drone
dji partner custom drone


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