Software plays an important role in the use of drones, especially in the specific applications within your company.

There a wide variety of applications. Customdrone is happy to help you choose. Together we can look at what is best for your company.


Mapping software

Mapping software is used to generate 3D models of, for example, buildings, and for land measurements.

By using mapping software in surveying, the process is 10 times faster, more accurate and less labor-intensive than traditional methods. Customdrone supplies all the hardware and software needed to complete the entire process to your specifications.

Artificial intelligence, Deep machine learning

Drones play an important role in your work, where safety, speed and accuracy are important.

Customdrone can easily apply this technology to your system, to make your drone even smarter.

Humans are able to think two-dimensionally. Our Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning platform can think in many more dimensions. This allows us to add many types of data and simplify your decision-making and work process.

We offer this at a low cost, so that you can make your process smarter without breaking the bank.

Autonomous Flight

Our technology is ready for it. Ready, to realize autonomous flights. Because of the current legislation, people are still required when operating drones in case of emergencies.

We are experienced with various types of software for specific applications abiding by current laws and regulations. Ask us about the possibilities, we are happy to help you.

Drone as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS, also known as Drone as a Service, is a combination of the smart software with the drone. This allows us to start a customized process with you in order to get the most out of your company.


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