You can deploy drones for grounds and border surveillance.

Our Solid X4 is used for the extra security of borders right now.

The security drone sees more

The drone can also be used for rescue work. If a person is in distress or missing in a certain area, the drone can fly over this area quickly to find the victim. The drone may save a life.

The Solid X4 is integrated with a customized camera, for the customer with integrated software. The camera can see in both poor visibility and fog.


Special software has been added to this camera, allowing the drone to fly over an area independently. The pilot receives a notification when the drone spots a person so action can be taken. The pilot will be given the choice to follow the person or to continue on the route.

Real time

The drone can recognize objects in real time. It is also possible to track people manually. The moment the drone spots a person, a red square appears around the subject.


The drone is designed to be compact and easy to carry. In addition, the Solid X4 is a robust model that can take a beating.


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