A pilot is a demo, to show you what can be done with a drone. It also shows what we can work towards together.

Does our company need a pilot?

Thanks to our years of experience, we can easily see whether a pilot project is necessary. In most cases it isn’t because everything is already technically feasible. If we’re unsure, we investigate it for you. If there are still doubts, we will organize a pilot project for you. Some companies like running a pilot project, in order to gain more experience.

Drone development

Is your company looking for a completely new or adapted drone? Then you can find out more information about this in our Lab. With our years of experience in different sectors, we can tell you everything about what is possible with drones.


3dr partner custom drone
solid partner custom drone
dji partner custom drone


vu klant custom drone
swf klant custom drone
klmcity klant custom drone
windesheim klant custom drone
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