Surveyors of the future equipped with a drone. That’s what Brandsma Digital Measurements from Bolsward gets up to everyday.

The 3Dscan Drone Sees More

Measuring roofs and grounds used to take a long time with the old measuring technology. Let us introduce you to drones, We can guarantee to speed up the process.

But how does it work exactly? What are the benefits of drones and what is involved? BDM shares its experience with the Customdrone drone.

BDM worked together with Customdrone to take the next step and make digital measurement more accessible, so correct information can be more available to BDM customers.

The different 3D mapping drones

BDM used a standard DJI Phantom 4, but due to the many hours it was being used, BDM has since expanded its fleet to include 2 extra Phantom 4 RTKs. BDM now has three drones at their disposal.

Among other applications, the drones are being used at locations where solar panels are currently installed or being installed.

BDM clearly visualizes the situation and performs 3D measurements. On site, BDM discusses the situation with the owner, using a digital questionnaire.

The right way to get a 3D scan with a mapping drone

The draftsmen, sellers and planners can use the questionnaire to better estimate the work involved.

With the right camera settings, angle of the camera and flight speed, we get the desired data that we need for further project development.

Depending on the location, BDM takes a number of extra aerial photos for to get a better view of any possible obstacles and/or tricky situations.

What you can do with the data off a 3D scan drone

When all data has been collected, BDM will continue processing the 3D measurement data. We work out the measurements of every roof, so that we know exactly how many solar panels can be installed. The design of the roof is used for:

  • Getting a clear visualization of the situation per location / farm.
  • Working drawings for the men who install the solar panels.
  • As a display for the client.
  • Calculating the yield of the panels.

Review customer

“Our cooperation with Customdrone is going well, due to the many possibilities with regards to drones and software, we see plenty of opportunities to continue teamwork in the future.”


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