The municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân can see the growth in opportunities of using drones.

To prevent themselves becoming dependent on external parties, they began a pilot in 2018. An inventory was made of where aerial photographs are used within the municipality.

For this pilot, the municipality needed a flexible drone that can be deployed in different sectors. Eventually, the municipality opted for a Solid X4 drone because different cameras and sensors can be fitted under the drone for different applications.

Drone mapping

With this drone, the municipality has used an existing building plan as their first pilot project. This pilot was a piece of undeveloped land that will be built soon.

During the construction the patch of ground will be built up. For this the municipality wants to know the volume of the ground being displaced. This can easily be calculated with the drone.

The Goal

The aim is for the municipality to have a drone team within the municipality, so other departments can call this drone team when requesting drone and surveying projects. Consequently, it will be possible to act quickly and cost-efficiently within the municipality.

Ground Deposits with drones

In addition, the municipality has made a 3D image of the municipal soil depots to make the displacement even more visible.

In addition to the soil management project, the municipality is looking at traffic analysis, road maintenance, measurement, support for enforcement and landscaping, panorama photos, promotion photos and videos.

Drone mapping software

In addition to the drone, the municipality together with Customdrone, also looked at various available software packages. This is to see which mapping package best suited the municipality.


The municipality has opted for Customdrone to supply the drone. Working with a local supplier is especially convenient when there are questions.

During the pilot, the municipality came across various issues that assisted the fast service.

”As a drone team, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to make a contribution to the municipality.”


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