Our Lab. Where it all begins. Do you have a question or do you need customization that does not exist yet? Then you have come to the right place.

Let us show you examples from the start of the construction process to the end result. For example, let’s look at our own Solid X4 drone.

Drone development

Do you have a sensor, camera or a specific concept you want to create? Then Customdrone is the right place to be. Our Lab has everything you’d need to develop an idea into a realistic concept, and take this into production. If you want to do more of this process independently, we can accommodate that. We will then mainly take on the advisory role.

Tailor-made drone

Zijn de bestaande drones net niet helemaal waar u naar op zoek bent? Are the existing drones just not quite what you’re looking for? Customdrone helps you build your own customized drone. With all existing brands, together with our own brands, we have the knowledge to come up with a solution that suits you perfectly.


In order to achieve a final result, we can design and develop products in-house. We develop many prototypes with our 3D printer, so that you get a good idea of your new drone.

Our pilot program.

Do you have a specific job for which you want to use a drone? Or do you want to know whether the use of a drone can create a significant advantage in your industry? We are specialized in pilots and tests, and we’re keen to work together to develop the most suitable drone.


Customdrone has been active on the drone market for over 5 years, and we don’t take breaks. To give you an idea of what we’ve achieved, we have provided a number of example cases from different sectors to show you. Unfortunately, not everything can shown due to our promise of confidentiality to our clients.

Agricultural drones in action
Site security

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine learning

Drones are meant to be able to carry out projects safely or quickly.

Customdrone can easily add this technology to your design to make your drone even smarter.

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