Introducing drones to your business: what are the possibilities?

Have you spent years dreaming of introducing drones to your business? But you have no idea what that involves? We have created a comprehensive overview of what it entails.


Nowadays it’s much easier to use drones professionally because of the ROC light. This is the law that applies to all drones under 4kg. For a starting entrepreneur, the DJI Phantom is ideal and perfect for a variety of situations! It is important to check every year if the drone is still technically sound, and if it is not we recommend you buy a new one. The law is an important aspect of drones. Are you still unsure? You are always welcome to contact us for more information about the possibilities!


Solid X4

The brand Solid has created a business-friendly drone that has been tailored to comply with drone laws. You can have the drone ready to fly within 1 minute and with the clever handle you can easily take the drone with you everywhere you go! The robust frame ensures a sturdy body, so the drone can definitely take a bump!



With the Soliddrone you can easily swap between cameras and sensors, elements often referred to as the “payload”. Due to this you can easily and quickly switch between heat cameras, normal cameras, agriculture sensors and even sensors or cameras of your own design to best suit your sector! This drone is ideal for a professional setting, as it all falls below the 4kg mark!

What suits your company?

There are many types of drones on the market, two of which we have described above and are ideal for beginners. But which drone actually fits into your company? We are happy to discuss the options with you. Together we’ll figure it out!


Important Tips!

  • Look into where you can and can’t fly. You can see this on the “Fly Zone Chart”.
  • Do NOT go near crowds
  • There are rules inside residential areas, watch out for these!
  • Do NOT go near airports with your drone!


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