Inspections can be done quicker and quicker. Inspections at great heights and at locations which are hard to reach can be done much quicker by using drones. A.o. wind turbines and transmission towers can be inspected autonomously, which makes these kinds of inspections much safer.

By using IBM Waston IoT, the inspection data can easily be analyzed, and can be seen everywhere around the world.

Custom Drone offers drones, custom made for different kinds of inspections. The inspections can be performed under different circumstances, like rain, wind, at great heights and in forests.

Inspection at a height

If you choose to perform an inspection at a great height, drones can do it very easily and quickly for you. It is possible to equip your drone with a proximity sensor, which makes sure your drone doesn’t hit any obstacles. This way, it is very safe, quick and easy to perform an inspection with a drone.

3D inspection

It is possible for a drone to make a 3D scan of a building, fully autonomously. After scanning, the drone sends the results to a computer or smartphone, which allows you to see the results.

High voltage

Performing inspections near high voltage installations comes with some risks. This can be done much safer and quicker by using drones. A drone can easily detect heat development, and detect whether a transmission tower contains any fractures.


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