Drones offer many opportunities for industrial automation. Our industrial drones and their applications can be integrated into your existing business process.

Operating the drone from your control room

Your process operator can easily control the industrial drone using your existing operating system. With the Customdrone industrial solution we integrate drones in your process control system. This allows your operator to carry out an inspection on site at a specific location, in or out of your factory. We can do this for any type of DCS, PCS system from all major suppliers such as Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Rockwell etc.

Applications in automation

Applications can include terrain inspections, component inspections on location or on pipelines, chimneys and other specific scenarios.

In addition to the integration, we supply our industrial drone with the desired camera or sensors, and take your safety needs and procedures into account when integrating. In short, we provide a complete industrial solution according to your specifications.

Drone as a Service (DaaS)


Additionally, we can process the data on our software platform and, if so desired, we can create predictions based on machine learning. With this data your operator can make decisions easier.

Our Solution

Customdrone offers industrial tailored solutions for industrial companies, this allows your company to quickly and easily switch to specific drone applications in a safe and responsible manner.


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