DRONES: this will change in the next 5 years!

DRONES: This will change in the next 5 years!

Do you want to switch to drones within your company, but you have no idea what a drone can mean to your organization? We are happy to clarify that for you. In this blog we also tell you all about what the drones will replace in the next 5 years. Prepare your organization for the greatest change of the century.

What is a drone?

Drones, who doesn’t know them. Drones are often used to make beautiful videos and take pictures. Drones are also increasingly being used to replace various inspection and measurement processes. The unique machines are getting smarter every day, mainly due to the rapid progression in technology.

A drone is reliable, but how does the software and artificial intelligence work? It’s easier than you think. With artificial intelligence, the drone learns to recognize damage. You can choose to support your inspector with a drone, making your inspections much faster and you will get a better overview of your technical installation.

Visual inspections

various customers preceded you, begin to get to know the future

Using drones for visual inspections at technical authorities boasts major benefits. The current technique creates dangerous situations. For example, think of a windmill – the inspectors must go all the way up to perform a visual inspection. This can be completed safer and faster with a drone. A ship, plane or an oil platform are also great examples. In all three cases it costs your organization money if the installation is stopped. We offer the solution to reduce this downtime through artificial intelligence drones.

Our unique drones ensure that the inspections do not take hours to days, but merely several minutes to hours. Consider for example, a ship container. The preparation of constructing scaffolding around the ship takes two weeks alone, and at that point the inspection hasn’t even begun. A drone does an inspection to the same quality but done in a few hours. It is even possible to automatically process the output of the inspections in your administrative system.

Drone inspections

safer, faster and more reliable

But how does a drone inspection actually work? The drone flies around the specific location and the images taken are processed by our artificial intelligence platform. The drone can learn to recognize various damage or problems. This is a learning process for the drone. The more often you use the drone, the smarter the drone will become and the faster the drone recognizes damage. For example, the drone can recognize loose parts, paint damage, hanging cables and much more. Our drones can also see everything that you or your expert can see visually and much more. Finally, the data is processed in a report which you can also see on your tablet.

Do you want to switch to drones within your company? We are happy to help you with the entire process. Contact us so that we can ensure that your entire business case is worked out taking into account the various scenarios.


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