Customdrone has been working in the drone market since 2013, cultivating years of experience in design and construction of customer specific drones.

Customdrone has also entered into partnerships with companies looking to develop a drone for their unique market. For example, developing a drone that is fully integrated into the specific customer needs. It is also possible to put the drone on the market as a White label.

Customdrone develops entire trajectories. This is how it works:

  • Initial conversation concerning the client needs
  • Advice to client
  • Possible test setups
  • Advisory report with an estimated price
  • Full quote
  • Design phase
  • Finalizing the drone concept
  • Building the drone
  • Test flights according to specific requirements
  • Feedback to the customer
  • Potential adaptations
  • Final drone
  • Production of the drone
  • Shipping or delivery to the end user or the customer

Drone development

Drone development can be done at Customdrone, for both small and large quantities.

We always look for the best solution for your company. Consequently, we explore the possibilities within your company.This can eventually save a lot of money. This can often be achieved with an existing drone, but if this is not suitable for your application, we offer the possibility to tailor a drone specifically to your company needs.

Production of drones

Customdrone produces and builds: Soliddrone, DJI S1000, DJI S900, DJI M600, DJI MG, DJI M200 series.

The development and design were carried out for: Soliddrone

Modifications to: 3DR Solo, DJI Phantom, DJI S1000, DJI S900, DJI M600, DJI MG1, Soliddrone, DJI M200 series

Customdrone has the necessary equipment. With this equipment we have the capability, to keep the concept design as clear as possible in the POC phase. In addition, we have the opportunity to make use of our 3D printer, 3D measurements and calculations.


Customdrone has developed its own brand drone based on customer desires and needs. This drone is now active in industrial applications in various countries.

Currently the drone is active in the Netherlands and development projects are also taking place in the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Kenya and Ghana.


We also do projects using big data and self-learning software, so that your drones can be used for smarter applications. This process can also be developed starting from a POC.

Do you want to develop a drone for a specific market? And are you looking for a partner with a lot of experience and references? Then contact our lab.


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