Makes your company more efficient


Drone as a Service (DaaS) is our end to end solution; from drone, to machine learning platform, to your engineers.

This service ensures that you can implement a drone without breaking the bank. Certain intelligence and information is added to simplify your decision making. 

The custom tailored drone is a tool to help make certain processes in your organization run more efficiently, or even to replace them. This is all done with respect for the rules and regulations within your industry.We offer tailor-made solutions for both drone and machine learning platforms, and for your specific industry process. Our main goals are process optimization, cost minimization and output improvement.


The Solution

Customdrone works together with the client to define a problem and consequently the user needs. We examine the key question and make a joint step-by-step plan, divided into phases. We take into account safety, time, technological developments, the learning trajectory of the platform and, of course, the feasibility of the ultimate goal. Thanks to the interactive approach we guarantee a future solution that greatly improves the business model of the client.


What we do

Customdrone offers a monthly subscription package, sometimes with a small initial investment. This drone solution collects important data which is processed through the machine learning network, and passed on to the relevant people in your organization. The data can be offered statically or real-time and, depending on your needs, other sources of data can be added to it.

With this approach you can introduce the machine learning system into your business using a monthly subscription and without breaking the bank, that achieves your goal in a set of phases.


The Platform

Customdrone works with specialist partners in the field of software design. Our platform is based on deep learning. This means that the drone collects information, forwards it to our platform, processes it and, depending on the needs, can generate image recognition or predictions that allow static or real-time data to become available for clients.

During the learning phases, the drone will provide the platform with information and train it in the same way you would a specialist. The total solution will then be able to act smarter, faster and more efficiently, and work as a support system to the current process or even replace it.

End to End


Aside from the total solution DaaS and tailor-made learning, we also provide all the extras for drone use. For example, things like registration, training courses, exams and exemptions for specific flight zones.

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