DJI is one of the biggest suppliers in the world. We partner with DJI because we excel in finding solutions using standard drones. We adjust the drones or change the programming, through which a standard drone will be enough to meet your needs.

What do we do as a DJI partner?

Because we have been selling DJI drones for over 5 years, we have extensive experience with the products, deliveries, repairs and customization.

Which drone best suits your company?

That’s why we at Customdrone know better than anyone which drone best suits you and your company.

We try to keep the solution as simple as possible for you.

Often, the standard DJI drone is enough. But more and more we are finding that extra features are needed to achieve specific customer needs.

Our Advice

We therefore provide advice about the latest series of DJI drones, including the following:

– DJI Phantom
– DJI Phantom RTK
– DJI Inspire
– DJI Matrice 200 series
– DJI M600
– DJI MG series
– DJI Wind

Not just drones. Solutions.

But which drone is the most suitable for your company? Let us find out for you.
How? By finding out where you want to go, as a company, in the long term. Together we look further into possible solutions for the future.

After this we see what kind of drone suits you best. This could be a DJI drone, but it could also be another drone brand. We supply a large number of brands, so we should always be able to find something suitable. We have no preference for specific brands.

As a result, we do not sell our preference, but the best drone for your company and your requirements. We do this with a DJI drone. If this does not suffice, we often look further for better solutions, including modifications or other types of drones.


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