Conducting inspections with a drone? Let us take the lead.

With a drone you can have data within no time. Take for example an airplane inspection, windmill inspections and gathering data on crops. The drone takes to the air, scans that which you want to have scanned and then produces a report with the desired data. Based on these findings, action can immediately be taken. Take for example your crops; with the data you can accurately see where the crops are growing.

How does an inspection drone work?

Using a Customdrone, the data is mapped in no time. Using our platform we can manually speed up the process, allowing you to sort through the damage faster. Later in the process the drone will learn to identify certain circumstances, and can recognize damage, errors, oil spills, loose cables and more independently.


This is done through the learning process of machine learning in combination with artificial intelligence. You can regard the drone as a new employee that you hire. The new employee must learn certain circumstances in practice. Our drones do that too.


You’ll have a trained employee in no time

After a learning period, this custom process is fully automated and integrated into your company process and administration platforms. Let us focus on the drones, so that you and your colleagues can focus on the company.

We handle all aspects in this learning process – for example, training your staff and purchasing the right drones. We ensure that your working relationship with drones is integrated and optimized to the standards of your company. In addition, we show respect for the safety standards and rules your company implements.


Need more information? Get in touch!

This entire process comes with our DaaS solution. We ensure that your company takes the next step in the field of drones and their automation. Customdrone delivers large projects in the field of drones with artificial intelligence, and every detail that comes with it.


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