How incredible would it be if drones could independently complete tasks, while autonomously recognising damage and alerting your colleagues, all using artificial intelligence? We make that possible!

Drones play an important role in your work process, where safety, speed and accuracy are crucial. Customdrone can easily add this capability to your design, in order to make your drone even smarter. This is possible with artificial intelligence.

Recognize damage with drones

With artificial intelligence, drones can quickly recognize damage, disease and much more, which would be invisible to the naked eye. Consequently, you can save a lot of time and money, since the drone does not overlook anything.

How artificial intelligence works with drones

Every new employee has to be trained, which also applies to a drone with artificial intelligence. The drone learns what is right and what is wrong from a colleague teaching it. The more information you give the drone, the faster it works. In no time you will have your relevant information and accurate analyses.

In addition, a person is only capable of two-dimensional thinking. Artificial intelligence is capable of thinking in many different dimensions, so that all types of data can be considered to simplify your decision making process.

Our artificial intelligence drone solution

We offer an accessible entry into using drones, so that you can make your process smarter step by step without breaking the bank. Initially you will have to invest, but this time and money is quickly regained if you properly apply your “employee” with artificial intelligence.

Would you like a no-strings-attached (job) consultation? Feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to chat.


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