Agricultural drones are becoming increasingly common in industry, but what are the benefits? What kind of data is useful to the customer? Together with Ten Brinke B.V, we put the drones into practice.

The Drone Sees More

From the air you can see much earlier when your crops grow poorly or are ill. By spotting this at an early stage, you can react quickly by fertilizing or spraying the land. Ten Brinke can supply the required task cards. We make it possible to get the maximum yield from your crop while using fewer crop protection agents and fertilizers.

Saving Crop Protection Agents

The legal limit for the use of fertilizers is becoming increasingly less, since the use of the plant protection products has been put in the environmental spotlight.

This is what we try to aid by scanning your crops with our Solid X4 drone, which is equipped with the MicaSense RedEdge-M camera.


The image on the left is an NDRE image of the tests between TerraNature Gold and KAS. It can clearly be seen that the urea from the TerraNature shows a darker crop. This means that the crop is more vibrant and has more content in terms of nutritional value.

Fighting red sorrel in grassland

In addition, we are also busy making task cards with which we can fight location specific weeds. We do this by means of drones. For example, knight sorrel can be controlled in grassland using this technology.


In the left picture you can see a clear difference between the red roadside and the rest of the plot. This indicates a difference of more than 50 kilograms in nitrogen availability and more than 70 kilograms in magnesium availability.

Our Client

Ten Brinke B.V. has independently developed into a progressive agricultural, advisory and supplying company, where technical knowledge is central. With its own laboratory for soil and crop research, they can respond quickly to the needs of the customer and their crops.

The drone of Ten Brinke B.V

The Solid X4 is a solid, stable flying drone with:

  • MicaSense RedEdge-M camera with 5 light bands
  • Gimbal, because of this the camera always hangs straight and stable above your crop

The advantages:

  • High-resolution images, GSD 3.25cm / pixel
  • Task cards interchangeable with all GPS systems, including Trimble, AgLeader, Raven (SBG)
  • Saving possible on crop protection products and fertilizers

Feedback from Ten Brinke

This drone was purchased in consultation with Customdrone. They were able to expertly advise us which type of drone is best for our specific needs. In addition, they also provide guidance to learn how to fly the drone, and provide support in the various software packages.


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