Customdrone has been active on the market since 2013, when the first real drone developments came into being. We now have over 10 specialists, and we’re still growing.

Business to Business

Customdrone specializes in making custom drones for companies to fulfil the desire for tailor made products for needs currently not met by standard products. This demand, as well as the high quality of our products and services, has allowed Customdrone to grow exponentially.

By observing the market and following technological developments we’ve developed our knowledge of drones and the roles in which they operate.

We’ve been active in the B2B market from the beginning, with local as well as international clientele including:

Municipalities, provinces, water authorities, universities, airlines, measurement companies, maintenance companies and other companies that use drones in their work.

We don’t sell drones.

We sell solutions.

The drone market used to be characterized by the sale of standard drone products. That has changed considerably in recent years, and Customdrone is riding that wave. Many companies decide they want to use a drone in their business, but don’t know what kind of drone or software they need and aren’t aware of how smart you can make a drone with the data that is available nowadays. They may even start thinking about introducing a different business model or replacing one of their processes with a smart drone. We don’t just sell drones, we sell solutions.

Complete Solution

Customdrone effectively creates customer-specific complete solutions, where a customer can get acquainted with working with drones without breaking the bank. The customer can then easily get started using their own trained personnel, without having to find or test many technical solutions themselves. The solutions can be improved based on a customer-specific usage over time.

System Integrator

You can compare Customdrone with a system integrator. We combine all the right hardware and software, so that you get a specific drone for your specific business need. We do this without having a preference for specific brands of drones or software. Customdrone is an independent company that specifically looks at what’s on offer in today’s market. ”It does not matter which drone you use as long as it does what it’s asked, and offers the solution to your problem or wish ”

Our Suppliers

Customdrone researches its suppliers by conducting tests, in order to experience what is technically feasible and to what extent that is feasible for our customers. Customdrone only delivers ‘proven technology’ that has been investigated in our Customdrone Lab. Hereby we can fulfil our promises.

What we do

Customdrone merges the ideal components, software and other design elements that have proven themselves in the market. We bring our  advice and discuss with our customers what might be possible, while assessing any risks and if appropriate starting an investigation together with our client.

Considering the use of a drone

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the B2B market, we can prevent unrealistic choices from being made when purchasing drones and software. Based on our own experience, we often see the inexperience in start-ups leading to the less than ideal first choices of drones. Often the wrong choice is made by ordering via web shops and people will only discover this later.

Why Customdrone?

Customdrone works fast and is flexible, we work together with our client to brainstorm.

Consequently, we deliver the ideal service to match the wishes of our clients.

Our expertise lies in applying drones to a specific work process, so we know what is or isn’t possible on the basis of market and technology, as well as in terms of legislation and regulations. As a result, we ensure that the ideas from companies remain realistic and feasible. We work on a step-by-step plan towards the jointly defined goal. As a result, Customdrone supplies a drone and customized software that meet the needs of customers but remain feasible and workable.


Aside from complete solutions Customdrone also offers development processes.

Customdrone then develops your idea into a feasible concept. This concept can move from prototype to product, and eventually be produced in our Customdrone Lab.

Customdrone works with the right people, each with their own specialties in the field of drones and software and everything in between. In addition to these specialists, we also work on a project by project basis, often working together with other specialists to arrive at the ideal complete solution. Customdrone has the responsibility to guide the project in the right direction, and deliver a final product according to the customer’s requirements and desires.


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