In early 2018, Customdrone delivered a custom 5G drone. This drone is used by Agrifly. Together with the University of Groningen they discover the potential of agricultural drones. This is done in combination with 5G for super-fast data processing.

The Drone

This Solid X4 is equipped with the current Parrot Sequoia, which the Agrifly already had.

In addition, the drone is equipped with a network card, enabling communication with 4G and 5G. This would also allow your drone to communicate directly with the Cloud.

The intention is to get data from the ground even faster. Wilco Stollenga of Agrifly is leading this project with the University of Groningen. Consequently the product is ready for when 5G officially comes online.

How does it work?

The drone contains extra hardware which ensures the connection. Just like in a phone. A picture is sent every second, creating a map in the Cloud, which you can immediately view on your tablet or laptop.

Have a task card right away

Consequently, a task card or plan of action can be created immediately. Additionally, soil samples can be taken, which can then be examined in the lab. Being doing this, the researchers do not have to travel to a location twice. This plan of action can be viewed directly by the customer online, enabling the arable farmer to do something about his land as quickly as possible.You can immediately see a task list or get advice, or extra soil samples can be taken which can then be examined in a lab. Consequently, the researchers do not have to go to the location twice. The results can be viewed by the client online immediately, enabling the farmer act as quickly as possible.

Current Method

Currently the data is stored on an SD card and then uploaded to the laptop. This process takes a very long time.

With soil samples this saves two trips and a lot of time, especially if the plot of land is far away from the lab.

If you are interested, this system can be delivered immediately. Contact us to ask for the possibilities.


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