What makes drones so unique? Drones have impact on your key business drivers: Financial, Quality and Competitive.

During the past three years, we have earned more than 2.5 million euros for different clients in various industries. We improved their quality and strengthened their position compared to competitors.

I have a question about a custom solution.

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society. - Bill Gates

Drones have impact.

Reduce ‘unscheduled groundtime’ with DaaS Drones.

Customdrone develops customized autonomous aircraft inspection drones for Regional Jet Center (Schiphol), based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With these intelligent drones we will improve the intensive process of checking an entire aircraft after a lightning strike for damage, as well as the associated paperwork, a process that takes a few hours on average.”

Read more about how Customdrone has reduced unscheduled groundtime.

Okay, drones are hot. But are they worth the investment?

Due to the relatively novel character of drones, there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. Sound familiar?

Expensive acquisition costs

Complicated regulations and training

Far from proven in all markets

Uncertain financial returns

Let us guide you... To the optimal implementation and use of drones within your company.

But above all:

With strategic entry into one of the major changes within your branch at the right time

Taking steps towards efficient drone solutions through using artificial intelligence.

By working in places that can be dangerous and / or unpleasant for people.

With creating an efficiency boost in your workflow by using drones.

Custom solution.
Clear returns.
Join technological progress.

Will a custom solution work for my company?

Drones make impact today. That is why we want to make choosing and using a drone as simple as possible, so that every company can exploit the benefits and possibilities of a drone.

We are there for the corporate end user of the drone.
Often there is little to no experience with the use of drones.

Over the last 3 years we have earned more than 2.5 million euros for various clients in different branches.

Our solutions. From a consultation to a (customized) drone solution.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we always start with a no-strings-attached consultation.
Based on the information collected, we advise you on the most suitable solution.

Drone Consultancy

  • Best advice suitable for your company
  • The latest knowledge and technology
  • No obligation
  • By telephone or at your offices

Drone as a Service

  • Efficiency within business processes
  • Self-learning artificial intelligence
  • Accessible entry
  • Jointly defined end goal, with detailed step-by-step plan

Total Drone Solution

  • Complete relief
  • One fixed amount
  • Training and registration
  • Industry specific solution
  • Customization
  • Only proven technology

Smart Drones

  • Quick start with the optimum drones for your business
  • Standard Customdrone service
  • Advice if so desired

Drone as a Service (DaaS) The way to introduce drones to your business without breaking the bank.

With this end-to-end solution you can optimize business processes within your work. A fixed monthly fee makes it a pleasant way for many of our customers to start using artificial intelligence drones.

Total drone solution Work more efficiently and safely to produce the current capacity.

An ‘all-in-one’ amount to easily introduce drones to your company. We help you find the right drone and software that fits in with relevant legislation in your industry. We also provide in-company training and education for you and your staff.

Smart drones Already found a drone you'd like to order?
That is of course also possible.

Do you already know which drone you need? For example a drone from the high quality brand DJI? We can deliver the drone to you alongside our extra service and advice. Request a quote today with no strings attached.

We work for and together with:

Also be convinced of the benefits of drones.

Solutions we already provide: Drones are used by our customers in a wide range of sectors.

Are we missing your solution?

Custom Drone is always looking for new challenges and we are happy to develop new solutions. Do you think that your application is unique, and that there is no existing solution for this yet? Then we’d like to talk to you!

Our clients say We're proud of the reactions our clients share.

Remon Sweers, Business innovation manager at Regional Jet Center

The collaboration with Customdrone offers us a unique combination of groundbreaking expertise and knowledge, where both worlds are brought together to create state of the art technology.

Roel van der Sloep, Project supervisor construction and infrastructure at Brandsma Digitaal Meten

Manually measuring sites and roofs is a time-consuming job. Thanks to the Customdrone solution, their measurement method allows us to collect more data and work much faster. The drone gives a clear picture of the situation visually, which is certainly an additional advantage.

Our hardware and software partners:

Why choose Customdrone?

Active for 6 years

With our six year anniversary, we are one of the longest operating drone companies in the world.


Advice at the highest level and knowledge of the entire drone market.


Custom Drone has no fixed drone partners and is free to sell all drone and software brands. You will always get the most suitable solution.

Innovative clients

Our customers want to innovate together and like to think along with us. Most customers become long-term partners of Custom Drone.

Proven technology

Custom Drone uses only proven technology. All technology is tested in our own dronelab.

Your contact person.
Mark Woortmeijer

Smartdrone solutions expert.

Want to know what drones can do for you? Get in touch to find out the possibilities.

Are you interested in Custom Drone, and do you want to explore the opportunities of using drones within your industry?
Leave us your details and we’ll contact you as soon as possible for a no-strings attached  introduction.

Business is hard. Drones make it easier.

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