We don’t build drones.
We build solutions.

Customdrone sells a variety of brands and drone solutions for companies, where the drone becomes a tool for your business process.

We develop bespoke solutions that include drones, software and everything that comes with it, so that your company can quickly begin working with drones.

We make your business process smarter, faster and more efficient.


Drones have no fear. Let our unique drones do the unsafe, difficult to reach jobs.


Customdrone is an independent party in the drone sector. We sell almost every drone brand based on the desires of our customers.

Self Learning

Our drones are self-learning. You can see them as a new employee, who you hire and train into a full-fledged specialist.

Better Result

Our unique drones see more than the human eye and think in multiple dimensions. 


Customdrone has been active in the dynamic drone market for 5 years and follows every technological development. We are actively involved in various business cases.

Agricultural drones in action
Site security
5G agriculture

Our Services

Customdrone supplies drones for companies. Every company is looking for something a little different. Below you can see the 3 types of solutions we supply.

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Of course we deliver drones, but which drone is the best for your company? Have you been looking for hours, but still can’t decide? We are specialists in the field, feel free to ask us for a tailored advice. We’d be happy to help you.

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Drone as a Service

DaaS means that your company can start at a low-threshold way with our self-learning drones. For this we offer a customized complete solution, to improve your business process and make it more efficient.

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Total Solution

The switch to drones is very new for most companies. That is why we deliver total packages so that your company can start as soon as possible. This involves each step from training your staff to registering of the drone.

Our Software

In addition to standard software packages, Customdrone also offers customized software. This software learns independently and ensures that your business process runs faster. Several companies have already taken this step and now save thousands of euros per hour. We think it’s important that you first experience the process yourself. This is why Customdrone starts at a low threshold, so that you are not faced with large investment costs.

Easy Fly

Operating and flying a Customdrone is very simple: the drone can fly independently or with a pilot. Thanks to the self-learning software, which can be an addition to your drone, we can speed up your business process. The software ranges from simple image calculations to various customized projects. In every project, the user-friendliness of the drone is considered, since this has to be made as simple as possible. We will teach you everything you need to know to get started in a training session just a few hours long.

Drone as a Service

(Drone as a Service) means that your company can start with our self-learning drones at a low-threshold. For this we create a customized total solution to improve and accelerate your business process. Several clients are already saving thousands of euros per hour through this process. Are you next?

Our Sectors.

Agricultural Inspection Drone
3d scan drone
thermal drones
infrastructure drone
construction company drone
surveillance drone
aircraft inspection drone
cable drone
bridge inspection drone
Lidar scan drone
roof inspection drone
search & rescue drone
Solarpanel inspection drone
Custom for Sectors

What makes customdrone the best in the market?


3dr partner custom drone
solid partner custom drone
dji partner custom drone


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swf klant custom drone
klmcity klant custom drone
windesheim klant custom drone
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